History of the house

I've been researching the prior owners of the house and looking for old pictures to document its history. Here's what I have so far:
12/7/2007 Carol Livingstone Price was lots!!
12/17/2004Elaine Petrowski  
3/24/2000 Elaine & Joseph Petrowski Price was $350,000
9/7/1995 Larry Kryzanowski & Mark GrossmanPrice was $169,900
9/15/1963 Mary & John Dyer Price was $17,100. Mary was my grandmother's first cousin.
1/6/1960 Jean M. and Edward M. Schlaefer  
5/2/1946 Mabel & Frank Valladares Price was $12,500
4/12/1944 Ada Belle & Newall L. Powelson  
3/23/1944 Alice A. Freeman, widow  
9/16/1942 Marie & Ralph A. Walt  
5/7/1942 Peter F. Conover (deceased) It appears Bertha owed Peter money, so when he died, his estate took over the mortgage from Elizabeth and foreclosed on the house.
9/23/1924 Elizabeth J. MacDonald (widow) She operated the house as a boarding house ("La Belle" or "MacDonald House") with her two daughters. Bertha Apgar held the mortgage from Elizabeth.
191? Bertha Apgar Inherited house from her mother, Mary Rickey. Value was $1800.
1906 Mary Rickey Purchased the house in a tax sale.
2/9/1906 Clarence E.F. Hetrick (tax collector)Severs lost the house due to back taxes of $33.45. Here is the notice of the sale
9/23/1901 Alonzo T. Severs (Trenton)Operated as The Alonzo Hotel. Alonzo and his wife lived 35 Atlantic, where his daughter Viola lived until her death at 101 in 1986. OG Historical Society has a display on the Severs women with a picture of the house
9/30/1885 William P. and Mary C. Davis of Camden 
1880 Sarah Yard and Pierson W. Yard (wife and son of Archibald)Inherited at Archibald's death
?Archibald W. Yard 
8/19/1871 Thomas C. Pearce of HightstownBought lot for $1. Arrested in 1886 for insurance fraud. He sold policies to the downtown Asbury department stores; when one burned down, they discovered he never actually purchased the policies.
8/4/1869Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Assn 
?William Osborn and wife and David Brown and wife 

Mystery: did this earlier house burn down? That might explain the vacant lot next door and the newer age of Buster's house and the houses behind us and Buster. Or was it demolished to make way for the new house? Or did the owners add on and build it up? The basement seems to have the outline of the original footprint.

Above is an undated picture from the Historical Society Archives showing the property as a boarding house named "La Belle" or "MacDonald House". In the 1940 census, Elizabeth MacDonald listed her occupation as "proprietor of boarding house". In the 1930 census, the value of the house was listed as $14,000-18,000, which was less than that of mom's house at 35, which was listed at $25,000. So, the house was significantly increased in size between 1930 and 1940. Here is an ad for the "MacDonald House" from the Ocean Grove Times, June 6, 1930. Note -- hot water in every room!
1930 ad for MacDonald House
It was the practice in those times for Ocean Grove hotels to list their guests in the local paper. Here are the guests who stayed at the MacDonald:

Below is a picture of Buster's house from about 1940. You can see some of the detail of the side of my house. Decorative windows are where the 1st floor bathroom is now -- that might have been the original kitchen, and Buster seems to recall that the kitchen was on that side. Note that there seems to be a shed in back where the kitchen addition is now.